NorthEastern US

During the summer of  2015 we decided to Road Trip through Northeastern USA, this came off the heels of our Midwestern March US trip we had some spots we hadn’t yet hit (and many that still remain).
A friend and I hopped in my less than faithful Chevy Aveo to drive the 8 hours to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for our first stop!

July 18th-20th 2015: PITTSBURGH
8am departure from Ottawa with a planned stop for lunch in whatever town we stumbled across at noon (it ended up being Trenton, and the whole thing smelled like cooked ham). We arrived to our destination at 5:00 pm, having made great time and leaving enough daylight to explore the area before nightfall!
Pittsburgh had a ton to offer, it was home to over 480 bridges (really) a beautiful Warhol Museum, a slew of art type things, AND we happened to be there during the Pickle Festival! On one of the many bridges they had set up kiosk after kiosk of relish vendors and hot dog stands and whatever else you can imagine being at this type of event…. men and women dressed as processed meats danced around holding hands, it was wild.
We explored the main square, Mount Washington, AND on the hottest day of the year hiked in wildly inappropriate clothing across town on an overpass to get to the Carnegie- dangerous, ill-advised, arrestable.
 July 20th-21st 2015: WASHINGTON
We  left Pitt at 10am following a delish hotel breakfast and swung into Washington by mid afternoon.
Before arriving in Wash we made a stop at the Arlington Cemetery to visit my old friend President Taft. The cemetery is visibly unbelievable, monuments throughout, row after row of identical unmarked white tombstones. The traffic was a nightmare, but it was more than worth stopping for.

We grabbed a quick meal and hit the National Gallery and the Smithsonian Museums which were open late. If I could do it again, I would spend more time in Washington…it’s smaller than I imagined but there is SO much to see.

Of course we walked Penn avenue, foolishly went behind a barricade at the White House, gave Lincoln a high five, sprawled on the grass at the reflecting pool, and watched the sun set under the Washington Monument…it’s hands down the most American Sight you’ll ever see. (pictured)
July 21st-22nd 2015: PHILLEDELPHIA
The morning of the 21st we got in a last taste of Washington by seeing the museums we missed the day before, and while we were driving through town the Cuban embassy reopened, historic and cool but the building itself was just a concrete cube. CUBE!

We had a great lunch and drove to Philly by 2:00.
Philly was the couldn’t seem to decide whether it was a ghetto or a metropolis- so I’m saying that it’s both. Parts of the city were beautifully maintained and all the residents dressed like 90’s Will Smith.
We did tons of on foot exploring, saw the Liberty Bell  and Independence hall, hit the Rodin (Museum) and had some fancy dinners.

Then it was time to head back to Canada land, a speedy little 8 hour drive filled with laughs and trail mix later we were home.

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